Jon Hart Design

Jon Hart Designs, website by Tomorrows Designs - Shopify Experts

Jon Hart Design has been handcrafting high-end leather and canvas travel bags for over 45 years.

All their items are made in America, in San Antonio by wonderfully skilled craftsmen. They take pride in carefully bringing the customs bag to life and put their love into every stitch, snap and buckle. Their time-honored tradition of personalizing bags on the iconic patch is what makes it unique. They offer trendy colors and patterns in classic shapes and designs.

The Requirements

  • Their top requirements were:
  • Migrate from Volusion to Shopify Plus
  • Move from their old Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to NetSuite
  • They wanted a “one and only” product customizer for their products
  • Complete all URL redirects to minimize any loss of SEO juice

Since Jon Hart Design has been in the marketplace for so many years, it was crucial to make the cutover completely seamless, while not dropping any orders.

Our Plan – Our Work
We started by creating a small brand standard. Since they didn’t have one, we wanted to establish color palettes and fonts that would be used throughout the website. Once the brand standard was approved, we created designs for the homepage, collection, and a specific product page. While we were doing that, working closely with the client, we mapped out the logic that would be needed to complete the product customizer.

With our help, the client teamed with Celigo to create a sandbox “testing account” to link Shopify and NetSuite. Once testing was completed, the client moved from the sandbox environment to production with our help. We lent our knowledge of the process to help with troubleshooting and testing of the process.

Jon Hart Designs, website by Tomorrows Designs - Shopify Experts

Product Customizer
Simultaneously, our team worked out the logistics and logic to complete the product customizer. Some of the big hurdles we overcame were; color, material, patch size, and icon branding on the patches. Once the logic was completed and approved, we developed the code and tested everything with the client using our Minimum viable product (MVP) process with our feedback loop via Trello. Once approved we moved to a full build with accompanying documentation.

As we closed towards launch, our SEO team, working from our site scrape, began the task of writing/uploading all 301s based upon data from Google Analytics Traffic, Google Search Console and Google Rankings.

The final task was writing a custom program that allowed the customer to go back and check order status after the successful launch, ensuring customers were top priority.