Collaborator Accounts

Before the introduction of collaborator accounts in 2017, our clients had to add us as a staff member in their Staff Accounts area if they wanted us to do any work on their existing site. This wasn’t ideal, as staff accounts are limited depending on which plan you've selected.

Today, we simply request access to your store directly through our Partner Dashboard. You will receive an email with this request and once you approve the specific permissions we need to completed the task, we are good to go.

Shopify Collaborative Account Request Email

Here are some of the benefits of a collaborator account.

  • collaborator accounts don’t count towards your total staff member numbers
  • collaborator accounts can be removed from your account at any time
  • Permissions can be set by you for specific tasks. You can see here that you have a wide options of permissions.

    Since your trust is of the greatest importance to us, we make sure that we explain to you why we need access to certain parts of your store.

    If you want or need more information you can find all the Collaborator Accounts FAQs here.