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Tomorrows Designs - NRS World - Shopify Plus

For eight years our business had been run on a custom built e-commerce platform. Over time it had become increasingly cumbersome to manage and make enhancements to it. When we ultimately decided on migrating to Shopify, we wanted to choose a design and development partner that we felt would understand our business’s unique needs and work with us to put the best experience in front of our customers possible. We had a challenging set of requirements due to our large and diverse product catalog combined with multiple backend systems all requiring different points of integration.

Tomorrows Designs was able to work with our internal stakeholders and e-commerce team to create a new and improved shopping experience for our customers that paid immediate dividends for us. They balanced our requests with their knowledge of customer behaviors to complete the site in our tight timeline. We just enjoyed a Christmas shopping season with record breaking conversion rates and a drastic reduction in customer complaints. 

Brent Allison - Vice President of E-commerce