Meet our Team

We all came with our individual why’s. Like, why did we get
into advertising in the first place? Why should an address define
the work we do? Why should we fight traffic every day?
Why can’t we have fun, and make our own rules?
That’s why we are here.

Our Team

Different cities, different states. United under one passion.


Robert Morrow

Robert's nickname is "Mr. Clean," coined by one of our clients. His endless attention to detail makes all the difference.


Brooke Fugitt
Writer and Editor

Brooke has the soul of a poet and the eagle eyes of an editor. Her wordsmithing will help your ideas dance, skip, and even sing!


    Anibal Santos
    Web Development

    With over 12 years experience designing and managing web projects, Anibal knows what it takes to push a project to the finish line.


      Pedro Bre
      Web Development

      Being a polyglot, he knows all the languages; Liquid (Shopify), Javascript, HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, and NoSql.


        Gary Wright
        Web Development

        Coder extraordinaire, Gary is fluent in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP/MySQL, WordPress, Shopify and ExpressionEngine.


        Geno Loro Jr.

        Geno makes anything and everything look great. He’s a photographer by trade and training… and it shows.


        Bill Krueger
        SEO/Content Marketing

        SEO builds traffic with great content, connections and careful coding. It’s a science and an art, and Bill’s passion.

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